It is essential that you revise for science because you will have lots to learn over the 3 different subjects!

Revision Advice

  • Buy a revision guide (make sure it is for Edexcel 2016 science and you have the right tier and course combined or separates). Best bet is to see Mrs Owens .
  • Revision material is also placed on show my homework as cards/posters.
  • Use the specification as a checklist to see what you need to learn- see the website below or your teacher.
  • Find a revision strategy that works for you. Usually just reading the notes isn’t enough- try re-writing, making cards or saying the information back to yourself to make sure you actually know it! Repeat as many times as you can.
  • Your exams are split into 2 halves effectively- paper 1 biology, chemistry and physics all take place in May whereas paper 2 biology, chemistry and physics take place after the half term, in June. Create a revision schedule that takes this into account.
  • Try practice papers given to you by your teacher/from the website below. This will get you used to exam technique like recognising command words and writing an answer that matches the marks available.
  • If you are unsure always ask for help! We love it when you do that!

Useful Websites

Exam Specification and Past Exam papers

For more information, please read the exam specification and practice using past exam papers.