Personal Development

Every day there are high quality learning opportunities in lessons, but learning is not just restricted to the classroom and we are proud of the extensive range of opportunities on offer. Many opportunities are scheduled for all students within a year group, but there are many others that are either designed for specific groups of students or that are optional.

Two particular strengths are our Academy programme and our Careers Education. Both opportunities are extremely popular with our students and reflect our aim that all opportunities prepare students to be ‘Fit for Life’. Sport has always been central to what we offer at John Spence and there are numerous opportunities to participate as well as compete, but we also have an extensive range of opportunities outside of sport that are much appreciated by students, from school productions to STEM. We also offer many opportunities beyond the school gates, for example locally working with primary schools, regionally visiting Universities and nationally with trips to sporting events as well as our annual international visits. Wherever possible, we are committed to ensuring that all students can access these types of opportunities so that everybody has an equal chance to succeed.

At John Spence, we believe that developing your character and experiences in the wider world, are just as important as developing your knowledge and understanding. With this in mind we have created the John Spence ‘Fit for Life’ Pledge.