Our curriculum is designed around our core principle that students leave us at 16 years old Fit for Life. To achieve this, we provide extensive opportunities that allow students to develop into skilled, resilient and considerate individuals.

Our curriculum is broad, ambitious and designed so that all students are given equal access. To achieve this, we have an extensive communication programme to ensure that no student is disadvantaged by low levels of oracy, reading and vocabulary. The curriculum at John Spence is designed so that students can thrive in an atmosphere that is both challenging and supportive.

Each subject has a curriculum that is designed to build upon the skills and knowledge that has been previously taught as well as ensuring that understanding is committed to long term memory so that it can be applied in different contexts both within and beyond that subject.

Our wider curriculum helps to reinforce this learning as well as provide additional opportunities for students to develop the attributes they need for their futures. For example, our relationship and sex education curriculum alongside our cultural studies and careers programmes combine to create our Fit for Life curriculum that encourages students to consider a wide variety of concepts and issues that will help them to navigate life once they leave John Spence. The importance of community lies at the heart of this programme.

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