School Uniform

All students are expected to wear school uniform at all times. It is designed to be comfortable and practical.

Having a school uniform avoids competitive dressing and helps to set the tone of the school. It is fundamental in establishing our basic expectations and standards within the school.  These standards will allow us to create a purposeful learning environment and allow students to realise their full potential. As parents and carers we would like to thank you for your continued support in ensuring that high standards are reached. The school jumper and tie, must be purchased from our uniform supplier, Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd and we strongly recommend that you also purchase school trousers and skirts from them as they are very good quality and durable.  If you choose to purchase trousers or skirts from other sources please refer to our uniform standards for what is acceptable.

Please have a look through this flow chart which explains the process and consequences of arriving at school in incorrect uniform.

What about schools shoes?

Wynsors World of Shoes has an approved suggested selection for your attention.  Parents can purchase footwear from other retailers, but it is expected that the purchased footwear is compliant with school requirements and expectations, as highlighted in the Wynsors guide.

For information on uniform, please read our uniform standards as well as our uniform photo-sheet and shoes guide.  If you have any further questions after reading these documents, please contact your child’s Head of Year or the school office on 0191 2961432 or [email protected]

To order a school uniform, please see our suppliers website.

The uniform at John Spence