Building on our ‘Fit for Life’ school ethos all students have the opportunity to be rewarded for being ‘Considerate’, ‘Skilled’ and / or ‘Resilient’ in and outside of the classroom.

Every lesson a member of staff can award 2 tickets to their class if a student is deemed to have gone ‘above and beyond’ in a lesson in terms of demonstrating 1 or more of the 3 principles. An example of going ‘above and beyond’ would be adapting well to a challenging situation which extends a students learning and in this case would be rewarded with a ‘resilient’ ticket. It is also important to point out that the tickets can also be awarded outside of lessons in form time, at break or lunchtime, during after-school sessions or during specific events as a way of rewarding the many amazing contributions our students make in school and in the community.

The 3 tickets that can be awarded in lessons are:

The left side of the ticket is designed to be taken home so parents and carers can celebrate in their child’s success. The right side of the ticket a student has an option of what to do with as we hope to further develop student independence. A student can choose to collect the ticket ‘stubs’ they have been awarded to access our prize store which includes a number of different items which can be obtained for collecting 5, 10 or 15 tickets such as a stationery set, bike lock or £5 voucher respectively.

Alternatively a student can choose to place their ticket(s) in a prize draw which takes place at the end of each half-term for each separate year group. They can do this by putting their ticket in their year group ballet box located on our new rewards board next to school reception. By placing a ticket in the prize draw students have the opportunity to win fast track lunch passes, a £15 gift voucher or £40 gift voucher.

As part of the rewards system the last week of each half-term is a special themed week building on our ‘Fit for Life’ school ethos. We have 6 special themed weeks throughout the year – Act of Kindness, Bounce back, Employability, Courtesy, Independence and Challenge. During each of the themed weeks all staff are provided with 1 special golden ticket per lesson.