Over the last 3 years, we have built up a large bank of employers that work with us to provide careers related events, workshops and trips. As part of Gatsby benchmark 5 (Encounters with employers) we aim to provide three employer encounters per year group to our students.

We host a range of employers at our careers fair, mock job interview event and LMI themed drop down days, as well as teaming up with local businesses to provide our students with a workplace visit, a new way of conducting work experience.

The workplace visit programme involves seven groups of pupils partnering with a business to visit for the day, then work on a project the following day, back at school. The students then present the results of their project back to the business. This workplace visit offers the pupils an opportunity to complete a visit, and to work with employers and employees, and has proven a great success.

How could you support our careers programme?

  • Careers talks/assemblies about your journey, industry sector or business
  • Targeted workshops tailored to those interested in your industry
  • Attendance at our careers fair
  • Be part of our workplace visit programme
  • Participate in drop down events such as careers carousels, career speed dating and mock job interviews
  • Link with subjects to work with students (e.g, an engineering firm may come in to judge some design work from the GCSE Engineering class.

How might supporting a local school benefit my business?

  • Can helps towards fulfilling your corporate social responsibility
  • Helps to raise awareness of your industry and to inspire the next generation
  • Increases awareness of your business within the local community
  • Can help to shape the skill set of the next generation

We are always looking for new business to engage with, whether it’s a small targeted workshop for 15 students or attendance at our in house careers fair, we would love to work with you. We work with self employed people, small businesses and large multinationals so if you would like to be part of our employer community, please contact our career lead Kate Winder  ([email protected]).

Careers in Context – Employers Guide