Parents often ask how they can support their child at home. Study guides are a good way to help your child organise and structure their independent revision.

Revision Advice

We have the revision guides for each GCSE English Literature text as well as GCSE English Language available to buy from the school library. There are also digital workbooks available to use free of charge on ‘Kerboodle’. Your child has had their login details for this website shared with them via ‘Show My Homework’. Show My Homework has lots of revision materials available for your child to use; there are plenty of quizzes and tests to do to support revision for all of the literature texts. Reading as much as possible from a selection of different sources will be of huge benefit to students as they approach their GCSEs. Encouraging them to read widely and regularly will help them develop skills in reading and writing.

Useful Websites

Exam Specification and Past Exam papers

For more information, please read the exam specification and practice using past exam papers.