Design and Technology

There are a multitude of different techniques you can use in order to prepare and revise for your examinations.  Listed below are just a few of the techniques that could really help you when it comes to revising for any of the Design and Technology subjects.

Revision Advice

Suggested methods of revision for Technology subjects:

  • Mind maps
  • Flash cards
  • Colour coded revision notes
  • Teach a family member each topic
  • Watch How It’s Made on subject related content
  • Watch Masterchef/Great British menu for FPN and H&C
  • YouTube videos on SMART materials and technical processes for D&T
  • Complete case studies/read newspaper articles on the Health Service for H&SC
  • Research various manufacturing techniques for electronic products for Engineering

Useful Websites

Exam Specification and Past Exam papers

For more information, please read the exam specification below and practice using past exam papers.