PE and Sport

Unfortunately, the knowledge demanded by a PE theory paper cannot be learned overnight. Avoid last-minute panic by encouraging your child to plan ahead and suggest creating a revision timetable for the weeks leading up to exam season.

Revision Advice

Make a plan and stick to it – Setting aside a little time every day is much more effective than cramming the night before. Get the 5 a day quiz questions from you Teacher – short sharp quizzes help you to retain knowledge. Try and teach a Friend – when you teach others it helps you to understand the topic better. Plan regular breaks – your concentration span is around 20 minutes – try to do some exercise for 5 -10 minutes to break up your revision and reinvigorate your brain. For the longer answer questions remember that it builds AO1 – Simple Knowledge. AO2 – Apply the knowledge to a Sports example, AO3 – Justify why you think the answer is correct – many of the longer (6-9 mark) questions are about your opinion – back yourself.

Useful Websites

Exam Specification and Past Exam papers

For more information, please read the exam specification below and practice using past exam papers.