Sport Zone

At John Spence we are thrilled to offer our feeder schools the chance to access high quality competition within our fantastic facilities. Throughout the year, with the help of John Spence based students acting as leaders and officials, we offer competitive experiences for every year group within the primary years.

Keeping in line with the priority sports dictated by the School Games Program we aim to deliver a number of lessons within each school before they arrive at John Spence to compete against the five schools within our catchment area. Some competitions are designed for mass participation such as Skipping and Indoor Athletics, whilst other events are structured for the more gifted and able pupils who have been selected to represented their school team.

Trophies have been purchased for each event and are awarded on an annual basis, with the winning school being allowed to take that trophy back to their school and showcase with pride. Medals are certificates are also awarded to the winning participants.

The events on offer for all our schools can be seen on the menu to the left of this page. Here you will find a break down for each event, results, pictures and future dates.

Club and Activity Finder

Get Inspired is a website were you can search for activities and, by entering your postcode, locate sports and events near your home.

NE Club Finder lets you search for clubs near you in a variety of different sports, so you can find out what’s going on and where. We have also compiled a comprehensive list of sports, so you can find out a little more about them and see who to contact for further information.