Headteacher Update

October 2020

Another busy week has drawn to a close and it is again good to reflect on the resilience of our students. Year 11 in particular have been exceptional in their approach to lessons and catch up programmes and at the other end of the school Year 7 continue to be settled and engage well in the extra-curricular activities and even got involved in some origami this week!

Firstly, a quick message from the Maths department…

The Maths department is trying to raise the standards of homework across all year groups. Each child will be set one piece of homework each week and be given a week to complete it. So that it is done to an appropriate standard, we expect that all pupils achieve:

  • at least 70% in the quiz, or;
  • watch all of the video if they are struggling with the quiz

We appreciate that pupils won’t always be able to achieve 70% or above, but we want to see them showing resilience to try and improve by watching the video on Hegarty Maths to help themselves.

Secondly, following on from the letter I sent home last week regarding our cashless catering system I would like to clarify a couple of points. Firstly, the Catering Service have worked exceptionally hard to implement a new system very quickly and have at all times ensured that no children were adversely affected in terms of receiving a meal. Secondly, this commitment to ensure that all children receive a meal on a daily basis remains. The team are passionate about providing all children with the opportunity to access a hot meal every day and are doing everything they can under challenging circumstances resulting from the distancing measures in place in the kitchen. We have always been exceptionally happy with the quality of service and food supplied by Catering Services and we are delighted with how they have worked with us and adapted to the challenges of the current restrictions and the introduction of the new system.

And finally, as you will be well aware we have had the first case of a positive Covid test result for a student. The system of identification of close contacts and the subsequent text home to the parents of those students affected went very smoothly, but it does rely on us having the most up to date contact details for you. If you have changed your phone number recently, then please do let us know. There have been no further positive tests and no reports of any symptoms or concerns from parents of students who are now self-isolating.

I hope that you have a restful weekend.