Year 8 Self Isolation

October 2020

Thank you all for your swift response this morning following the text regarding the need for your child to self-isolate. This is obviously really disappointing for students who would have been looking forward to their half term break as well as being difficult for you as parents to manage. I also know that for a small number of you this will be doubly frustrating as you child has only just returned from a period of isolation. I obviously cannot go into details of the child who has tested positive, but I would like to reassure you that the family did everything correctly in terms of testing and reporting to the school and that this situation was completely unavoidable.

As it is half term students have not been sent home with a full work pack, instead there are Communication activities already on Show My Homework for students to access today and more activities will be published later this morning. Additional work will be published for the lessons that they are missing on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after half term. Please do contact the school today if you would like additional work for half term or if you need paper copies of work for the lessons after half term.

The self-isolation ends at midnight on 4th November so we look forward to welcoming your child back on 5th November. The advice remains the same from Public Health in that you should only get your child tested if they have symptoms. If this is the case and your child tests positive then please contact the school via email on during half term or call the school office once we re-open on 2nd November. It is worth remembering that even if your child contracts the virus it is quite possible they will display no symptoms which is why it is important that they follow the self-isolation regulations.

You will receive a welfare call from your child’s Head of Year at some point today, please let them know if you feel you or your child need any further support.

I  am sorry that the end of a great half term for your child has ended in this way.

Best wishes and take care