Pastoral Care

We are a caring school that sees the overall welfare of our students as being of central importance.  To this end we have developed a very effective pastoral system which provides support for students throughout their time with us.

Pastoral Care at John Spence

Even before a student starts at John Spence the Pastoral Team has liaised closely with their previous school to get as much information about them as possible.  This ensures that the transition to a new school happens as smoothly as possible.

Once they arrive they are assigned a Form Tutor who has at least two daily contacts with them during a morning and afternoon registration period.  Form Tutors are usually a student’s first port of call and are usually able to deal with minor day to day problems around attendance, punctuality, uniform and equipment.

Each year team of Form Tutors is led by a teaching Head of Year and they will always be involved in serious decisions about students.  A student’s Head of Year is usually the most suitable point of contact if a parent/carer needs to get in touch about a child’s work or welfare.  Every effort is made to ensure that Form Tutors and Heads of Year remain with their student groups for the full five years of their stay at John Spence.

The current Heads of Year are:

  • Mrs L Brown (Head of Year 7)
  • Ms G Wallis (Assistant Head of Year 7 until Christmas)
  • Mrs A Knight (Head of Year 8)
  • Mr M Burnip (Head of Year 9)
  • Mr S Crowe (Head of Year 10)
  • Mrs L Brown (Head of Year 11 until Christmas)
  • Mrs K Wyllie (Head of Year 11 after Christmas)

The Pastoral Team is led by Mrs H Blair (Assistant Headteacher)

Central to the school’s pastoral system is the frequency and depth of communication between school and home.  Early intervention is key to preventing problems/issues escalating and also in finding solutions.  To this end the pastoral team is always available to speak to parents/carers before, during and at the end of the school day.  Similarly school will be in contact with home as soon as possible to discuss any concerns that may be beginning to develop.

If a student requires additional support for whatever reason it is usually the Head of Year, enabled by the Assistant Headteacher, who would initiate an individual action plan or make a referral to an outside agency.  In both instances parents/carers will be informed; it is essential that home, school and the student work together to bring about the best possible outcomes for the young person.

The Pastoral Team will endeavour to uphold a commonly understood set of Rules, Rewards and Consequences which guide and support our students’ behaviour and form the core of our Behaviour for Learning Policy.