Testing Update – Urgent Action Required

February 2021

As part of the plans for a safe return the government has stated that students will need to be tested for Covid in school on 3 separate occasions, 3-5 days apart, using Lateral Flow Tests. Lateral Flow Tests are primarily designed to pick up asymptomatic cases as we all know that 1 in 3 people with Covid display no symptoms at all.

By carrying out these tests we will be able to reduce the risk of transmission in school when all students return, thereby keeping everyone as safe as possible. In order to facilitate this we will be staggering the return of Year groups to school throughout the week beginning 8th March; this will enable us to test students as they arrive on site, but before they return to their classrooms. Students will be able to go to their classes as soon as they receive a negative result, which takes 30 minutes, and from then on they attend classes as normal. We will be in touch later in the week with details of when your child will be returning to school.

In order for us to set up the testing we need parental consent, which needs to be given here. Information on how Lateral Flow Tests work can be found here. Please complete this form as soon as you can to help us prepare for the return of all students to school.

More information on testing and the overall plans for week beginning the 8th March will be shared with you later in the week.

Best wishes and thank you for your support.