Second Positive test in school – Update for parents

October 2020

As you will have been made aware via we have had our second positive test result for a student. We were able to identify close contacts swiftly and students who needed to self-isolate were sent home and parents contacted. One additional complication today was that the individual who tested positive uses the scholars bus. Again, we were able to identify close contacts, but were advised by Public Health to meet with all students who use the scholars and advise them that a student had tested positive who also uses the service. We did this at 2.45pm today and provided them with a letter to take home for information. A copy of that letter is attached here.  As many students do not use the bus all the time, I thought it sensible to advise you that the student was downstairs on the bus on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As ever, please do get in touch if you have any questions.