Positive test in school – update for parents

October 2020

As you will be aware we have today received information that one of our Year 8 students has tested positive for Covid-19. As a result of this information we undertook an extensive risk assessment and identified those students who had been in close contact with the student in the 48 hours before the symptoms were first reported. Parents of these students were contacted immediately and all students were taken straight from their lessons and were sent home to self-isolate for 14 days. The classrooms were then cleaned prior to the next lesson.

I understand that the fact we have had a positive test will cause concern and anxiety for many, but we are as confident as we can be that the steps we have taken have minimised the risk of further transmission as far as we can. Close contact can be confusing, but we are required to follow Public health England guidelines, which in themselves are very straightforward. Close contact is defined as:

  • Being between 1 to 2 metres of an individual who tests positive for more than 15 minutes
  • Being less than 1 metre of an individual who tests positive for more than a minute

The likelihood of picking up the infection through other contact e.g. being friends with someone who is a close contact is very small and Public Health do not advise schools to take any action other than with close contacts – this is due to the routines we have in school to minimise the risk of transmission. We will always inform all parents about a positive result as we have done today.

If you are one of the parents contacted because your child has been identified as a close contact I have been asked to advise you that a test is not necessary unless your child develops symptoms. I do appreciate that some of you may wish to have a test done for peace of mind due to the health of family members or work commitments, but even if that test comes back negative your child is unable to return to school until the end of the 14 day isolation.

Please click here to see the letter sent to those who were NOT a close contact of the positive student.

For more information regarding Covid-19, please click here.

As ever, if you do have any questions please do contact the school and we will do our best to answer them for you.

Best wishes