Headteacher Update

October 2021

Our Celebration of Success week has come to an end with literally hundreds of postcards sent home and as many phone calls to parents celebrating just how well so many of the students have done since returning in September. It has been a pleasure to walk around the school seeing such good levels of engagement with children really settled and focused on their work. This is also reflected in the uptake for extracurricular activities including the Duke of Edinburgh students who are off out on their Silver expedition this weekend – they got lucky with the weather!

We currently have a parent governor vacancy on our governing body and are looking for anybody who might like to joint this vital team who oversee provision in the school. We are welcoming expressions of interest from all parents, but particularly from those with children in younger year groups so we have representation from both KS3 and KS4 parents. If you would like to discuss the role, then please contact the school and ask to speak to Emma Rutter. Once we have an idea of interest we will organise an application process.

This week we have sent out a number of letters highlighting student attendance and I know that there has been concern from some parents that we are questioning the validity of any absence. I would like to reassure you that this is certainly not the case, we are simply highlighting how easy it is for student attendance to slip by the odd day here and there. This has been compounded by the need for self-isolation for a child who tests positive for Covid who we now have to record as ill, thereby impacting on their attendance figures. We do understand that children can be too ill to attend school and we do consider historical attendance patterns, but we do have a duty to promote good attendance and this is one mechanism by which we do this. It has been fantastic to see that this week many students have made huge strides in improving their attendance and as a result moved up the zones either from red to amber or amber to green. We have also seen the most students with 100% attendance for this week since the first week of term. Please do remember to contact the school as early as possible if your child is absent, buy 8am wherever possible.

I hope you are all well and enjoy a relaxing weekend if you can.

Best wishes