Headteacher Update

March 2021

It has been absolutely fantastic to welcome everyone back into school this week. We have all been impressed with the manner in which students have returned, in particular how they have dealt with the bizarre reality of being tested as they first arrive! It has also been odd seeing the students sitting in their classrooms with face coverings on, but at the same time this shows how everyone recognises that we all need to do our bit to look out for one another. So overall, a big well done to the students for their community spirit and their positive attitude coming back into school.

We have had 3 positive test results of students returning to school today in Year 9. All parents and close contacts have been contacted and all students are asymptomatic, which does show the importance of the testing system as we could ensure that impact on other students and their families was keep to an absolute minimum. Testing will continue in school next week after which all testing will be done at home. The home kits will be sent home with children a week today along with full details on how to register and administer them.

As part of our ongoing commitment to recognising the successes and achievements of our students we will be introducing un update to our rewards system from Monday. Each week students will receive 25 credits for resilience and 25 credits for being considerate. At the end of the week you will receive a text home if you child has kept between 44 and 49 of those credits or if they achieve 50/50, which I know many will. We are hoping that this will be a really positive way for you and your child to start the weekend, knowing that they are getting things right every day in school. Once the system has been up and running for a few weeks we will also be looking to add certificates, badges and pens as other rewards for being Fit for Life in school. This does not replace the Rewards cards, which will continue to be distributed by staff.

On the whole it has been a positive return for all students, but we do continue to be mindful that some will find the transition back into education harder than others. We have provided links to organisations such as Kooth before, but this new resource from the NHS, ‘Every Mind Matter’ is really comprehensive. Details can be found here.

The Local Authority have also asked us to share the following opportunity for you that will be hosted by Counter Terrorism Policing in relation to online activity and how some groups are exploiting young people on line and nurturing extremist views.

Understanding a Child’s Digital World – Event, Tuesday 16th 2021, 1800

Counter Terrorism Policing East Midlands are hosting a free online event to encourage parents and professionals to talk to children about online safety.  This session serves as an introduction to understanding the digital world and what risks are present for children. The event will be interactive, open to everyone with questions encouraged – please join and circulate to anyone else who may be interested.  ACT Early more info here: https://youtu.be/N8DPPQUem9A

Finally, as ever please remember to contact us if you have any queries or questions about our provision or anything specific regarding your child. I hope that you all have a relaxing and safe weekend.

Best wishes