Headteacher Update

February 2021

As mentioned last week we are updating our communication strategy and are now ready to launch the School Comms app – please look out for an email later today which will provide you with more details of how to download the app. When you download the app, it is important to allow notifications as these will be used instead of text messages from after half term. Once downloaded you will see that it contains useful links to the school calendar, parents evening booking system as well as other useful links; the idea being that this is the one place you need to go to in order to access any information about the school or the different systems we use.

As remote learning continues we do appreciate the hard work that you are all putting into supporting your children at home. We have already provided webinars and support materials to help you with this, but for those of you who are still struggling, the Local Authority has developed a Digital Outreach programme to support you. Please have a look at the details found here.

We are also acutely aware that many of our students are carers and that during lockdown it can be very difficult to juggle remote learning alongside needing to help out in the home. North Tyneside Carer’ Centre have put together this ­flyer that offers advice on how young people can be supported during these difficult times.

Finally for this week, Year 9 parents have been emailed their child’s report so please do contact the school if you have not received it. The timing of the report is designed to coincide with the options process to help inform decisions and we have now released a range of subject films that can be found on the school website under the parent tab to provide some more help for you and your child in reaching a final decision. A member of staff will be contacting parents next week to discuss option choices and this will be the final stage of the process – please do let the school know if the appointment time you have received is not convenient.

That’s all for now. The weather looks pretty dreadful this week so please do stay dry as well as staying safe!

Best wishes