Headteacher Update

November 2020

It has been another positive week at John Spence with students continuing to engage well and try their best as circumstances continue to challenge us all. One real positive is that following further guidance we have been able to restart our extra curricular activity programme details of which can be found on the school website.

We are very excited to be moving forward with our use of technology to support learning in school and at home. We believe that this will have a significantly positive impact on progress and levels of engagement with all students and we are absolutely committed to the belief that no student should miss out if they do not have access to technology in school or at home. Staff are engaged with a range of online training so that we can move forward as quickly as possible with this strategy and I know that many classes are already using Google Classroom and other platforms in lessons and at home to aid their learning.

In other good news…Congratulations to Miss Bryson and Mrs Blair who received a North Tyneside Community Award for their work on the school garden during the spring and summer. Their green fingered skills resulted in an enormous amount of produce being grown and then shared with others – the scarecrows were great as well!
Next week is national anti-bullying week and there will be a range of activities taking place in form time as well as assemblies to talk about the impact that bullying has on the victims. We will also share links on Facebook and Twitter about how parents can support this.
As mentioned in an earlier update this week a member of staff has tested positive for Covid this week, but they were already self isolating due to a household member having already tested positive at the weekend. Fortunately, we have had no further cases of students in school.
Finally, just a reminder that school will close at 1pm on Wednesday 18th November. This will mean that Years 9-10 will not have their lunchtime so please contact your child’s Head of Year by the end of Monday if you wish your child to stay for lunch or if your child receives free school meals and you would like them to be given a packed lunch. Also, please contact us if for any reason your child needs to stay in school until 3pm.
I hope that you all have a safe and restful weekend.