Headteacher Covid Measures Update

November 2021

I hope that you are all well and managed to get through Storm Arwen unscathed. We have had some damage in school, but nothing that has stopped any activities and we hope to get repairs complete very quickly.

You will have heard yesterday that the government are again recommending that students in secondary schools wear masks in communal areas due to the emergence of the new variant. This does not change anything for us, as we have maintained this measure since September anyway, but we will be talking to the students again about the reasons why we need to do this. As ever, we have focused on our school community being considerate of one another by recommending their use to protect the families and communities of all the children and adults in school and also understanding that a small number of students are exempt from wearing them. Anything we can do to minimise the risk of transmission is a sensible thing to do, particularly in the run up to Christmas.  Please discuss the importance of this measure with your child and also ensure that they bring their own face covering into school.

Also, can I please ask that you continue to test your child twice weekly and report on the government website even if the result is negative. The majority of cases we have are asymptomatic which highlights how important this regular testing is. We continue to monitor cases closely.

Finally, we have also heard that we will be testing all students on their return to school in January. As yet we have had no specific details, but we understand that there will only be one test meaning that whilst there will be a slightly staggered start, it will not be as disrupted as our return in September. Once we have more details we will get them out to you.

Best wishes