End of Term Update

December 2020

You will no doubt be aware of the announcement yesterday from the Department for Education stating that schools can move an INSET day to 18th December to assist with their duty to support contact tracing where necessary at the start of the Christmas holidays. After careful consideration we have decided to take the opportunity to close the school one day early at 3pm on Thursday 17th December for the following reasons:

  • We are able to reduce the risk of transmission in school by one fifth in the final week of term as there can be no transmission on Friday
  • Reducing the risk of transmission also reduces the risk of students and staff needing to self-isolate over Christmas and the potential negative impact that could have on families
  • The extra day provides that little more protection for individuals wishing to self-isolate for a period prior to visiting other households
  • The final day for school staff to conduct contact tracing would be 23rd December rather than Christmas Eve

Throughout the pandemic I have endeavored to make decisions that keep staff, students and their families as safe as possible and this is no exception.  In order to assist with potential contact tracing up until 3pm on Wednesday 23rd December, please can I ask you to contact the school via email if your child tests positive on office@johnspence.org.uk

Thank you for your support.