PE and Sport

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity” – John F. Kennedy

GCSE PE and Cambridge National PE run alongside each other in the options block. Both lead onto extended opportunities at A level and BTEC National level. The courses help the pupils to develop an understanding of how their body works, what makes up an active and healthy lifestyle and how social factors affect participation. Alongside this the school also retains 2 hours of Core PE for all the pupils – this is to ensure that they continue their Key Stage 3 journey to be both Active and ‘Fit for Life’. Key Stage 4 Core PE aims to develop skills and allow those who want to specialise in sports to make progress in their chosen field.

Course content

The exam courses highlight both Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Injury, Diet and reasons why we adopt a Healthy Lifestyle. The courses run over 2 years and contain a mixture of both practical and theory elements. Both courses link well with Science and a greater understanding of movement and how and why we move in certain sports is gained through the work on planes and axis. By the end of the Core PE exam course we are looking for competent, resilient individuals who can make informed choices on their career and sports pathways.

Skills developed

Students will have the opportunity to develop a wide-ranging set of key skills, including communication using appropriate language, dealing with pressure, split-second decision making, interpreting and analysing data, as well as analysing and evaluating performance so improvements can be made.


Description Length Percentage Comment
GCSE PE Paper 1 1 hour 15 minutes 30 Related to Anatomy, Physiology and movement analysis.
GCSE PE Paper 2 1 hour 15 minutes 30 Related to Why we become involved? Why we perform and how we train.
Practical Performance 2 years 40 3 sports are assessed from the list and then marked to give you a practical grade. With one piece of written coursework
Cambridge Nationals – Unit 1 60 GLH 25 External Exam
Cambridge Nationals – Unit 2 60 GLH 25 Internal Assessment
Cambridge Nationals – Unit 3 60 GLH 25 Internal Assessment
Cambridge Nationals – Unit 4 60 GLH 25 Internal Assessment


  • Various institutes such as Tynemet, Newcastle College and Gateshead College to complete BTEC Nationals.
  • Various Sixth Forms such as St.Thomas More, Queen Alexander, Whitley Bay High School to study A level PE.
  • Onto Universities such as Northumbria, Sunderland, Durham, Teeside, York, Carnegie to study Sport and Physical Education to Degree level.