“Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty” – Bertrand Russell, philosopher, logician, mathematician

The course enables students to engage with, explore and enjoy mathematics, improving their ability to use what they have learned in real-world contexts. Students will cover a broad range of mathematical concepts, including algebra and geometry.
Students will have the opportunity to derive and use a number of formulae which they must learn and be able to apply to problem based questions. The aims of the course are to improve students’ mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills.

The study of mathematics allows you to develop logical thinking skills, to discover the beauty of mathematics in the real world, and shows future employers that you have the ability to solve problems effectively. A sound mathematical knowledge will also help your understanding and succeed in other subject such as Science, Geography and Technology.

Course content

The strands of mathematics covered during the course are split into the following headings:

• Number
• Algebra
• Ratio
• Proportion and Rates of Change
• Geometry and Measures
• Probability and Statistics

Skills developed

The course aims to develop the students’ following skills:

• Mathematical fluency
• Problem solving
• Reasoning

By the end of the course, we expect students to have developed their ability to apply logic to problems, as well as being able to tackle problems in a real-world context.


Description Length Percentage Comment
Paper 1 (Calculator) 1 hr 30 mins 33%
Paper 2 (Non-calculator) 1 hr 30 mins 33%
Paper 3 (Calculator) 1 hr 30 mins 33%


Careers linked to the field include:

• Actuary
• Accountant
• Architect
• Data analyst
• Quantity surveyor
• Software tester/designer
• Statistician
• Systems developer