Design and Technology

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

We offer a variety of courses at Key Stage 4:

  • Hospitality & Catering students learn about all sectors of the industry and job roles involved. They learn to prepare appropriate foods which meet their target market.
  • Food Preparation & Nutrition: Students develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to cook and apply the principles of food science, nutrition and healthy eating to dishes made.
  • Engineering helps students refine practical skills and develop solutions to design and manufacturing problems.
  • Design & Technology students actively develop the analytical and evaluative skills to produce product ideas that fulfil the demands of a changing technological society.
  • Health & Social Care gives students the opportunity to study human development from birth to death and examine factors that keep people healthy, as well as learning the skills needed to work in all care settings.

Course content

  • Hospitality & Catering: Students apply their learning to safely prepare, cook and present nutritional dishes.
  • Food Preparation & Nutrition: Students develop an understanding of the working characteristics and functional properties of ingredients.
  • Engineering covers the practical principles of form, function and fitness for purpose of various products and materials.
  • Design & Technology students cover all areas of D&T, finally specialising in Graphics or Textiles.
  • Health & Social Care: Human Lifespan Development, Health and Social Care Services and Values, Health and Wellbeing.

Skills developed

• Specialist practical skills in each area.
• Design skills.
• Ability to menu plan and carry out food investigations.
• Pathways into skilled trades; carpentry, joinery, metal work, plastics, acrylics
• Transferable skills of collaborative practise and communication.


Description Length Percentage Comment
Human Lifespan Development Assignment 30 H&SC
Health and Social Care Services and Values Assignment 30 H&SC
Health and Wellbeing Exam 2 hour 40 H&SC
Hospitality & Catering in action 9 hours 50 H&C
Hospitality & catering exam 1 ½ hours 50 H&C
Controlled assessment Portfolio 50 D&T
Exam 2 hours 50 D&T
Written reports 3 Units 75 Engineering
Exam 1 hour 25 Engineering
Written reports 2 NEA’s 50 FPN
Exam 2 hours 50 FPN


Studying design and technology, could lead to a number of varied careers including:

  • Youth workers
  • Care worker
  • Health visitor
  • Midwife
  • Chef
  • Front of house
  • Joiner
  • Graphic designer
  • Fashion designer
  • Architect