Modern Foreign Languages

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way” – Frank Smith

The MFL Department aims to provide students with a stimulating environment in which to learn a language.  The experience of learning and using a foreign language makes a unique contribution to the curriculum by taking pupils out of the familiar environment of English and allows them to explore the lifestyle and culture of other countries and cultures through the foreign language. It can give the learner the experience of being in a foreign environment and existing within it. Coping with a different language, whether in the classroom or a foreign country, can be a liberating and enjoyable experience. By learning a foreign language students improve their personal and social skills by learning to communicate, co-operate and contribute in class, consider the views of others and adjust to different social situations.

Course content

Over the course of Key Stage 3, students study a variety of topics from stories and fables to historical events and media entertainment. Years 7 and 8 Sets 1 and 2 will experience learning both French and Spanish. Years 7 and 8 Sets 3 and 4 have 3 lessons a fortnight of Spanish. Students in Year 8 make their option of either Spanish or French to follow in Year 9. This will afford them the best opportunity to secure the foundations of their preferred language.

Skills developed

Students learn how to communicate and develop their listening, reading and writing skills. A foreign language enhances grammar skills and improves knowledge in English. A language widens job opportunities and makes travelling easier and more enjoyable. It shows you are open minded and tolerant. Many firms are multinational so you will be able to compete successfully when looking for employment. Learning a language encourages respect for others and opens up new experiences and cultures.