“Doing mathematics should always mean finding patters and crafting beautiful and meaningful explanations” – Paul Lockhart, mathematician, author

At Key Stage 3, we aim to develop students’ mathematical thinking, problem solving and fluency. The Key Stage 3 course enables our students to explore and enjoy mathematics, whilst beginning to develop their ability to apply their knowledge to real-life problems.
Students will cover a wide range of mathematical strands, including the introduction of algebra as well as continuing and enhancing their knowledge of number, geometry and statistics.
The study of mathematics allows you to develop logical thinking skills, to discover the beauty of mathematics in the real world, and shows future employers that you have the ability to solve problems effectively. A sound mathematical knowledge will also help your understanding and succeed in other subjects such as Science, Geography and Technology.

Course content

The strands of mathematics covered at Key Stage 3 are split into the following headings to align with the GCSE course:

• Number
• Algebra
• Ratio
• Proportion and Rates of Change
• Geometry and Measures
• Probability and Statistics

Skills developed

At Key Stage 3, we aim to really begin to develop our students’ skills in:

• Mathematical fluency
• Problem solving
• Reasoning