Student Support Centre

The Student Support Centre is part of the Inclusion Department and through a co-ordinated approach, this facilitiy complements the existing school pastoral system and offers personalised support to students who it is thought would benefit from it.


The Student Support Centre offers a supportive environment which aims to build confidence and self esteem as well as equipping students with the skills they need to achieve their potential in mainstream school.

The Curriculum within the Student Support Centre

The Student Support Centre provides an alternative curriculum for those students who are unable to access the full curriculum due to learning, medical, emotional or behavioural difficulties. Teaching and learning is personalised to meet the specific needs of each individual student. Re-integration into mainstream lessons is the aim but it is recognised that each student is an individual and as such the re-integration process may take longer for some students than others.

Learning Mentor Provision

Through one- to-one mentoring sessions as well as group sessions, the Learning Mentors help students develop strategies to overcome barriers to learning and improve social interaction. They play a key role during the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 as well as at the beginning of Year 7 in supporting students who may experience difficulties in settling into the secondary school environment.

Other Features

The Student Support Centre has students who attend for registration, offering additional support and a welcome at the beginning of the day.

Students are offered the opportunity to attend the Student Support Centre at break times and lunchtimes.

The Student Support Centre has a designated room, a disabled toilet and ground floor access.

The Student Support Centre Manager is Mr A Greener.