School Uniform

John Spence expects its students to adhere to appropriate standards of dress.

The following is a list of acceptable school clothing:


Plain grey or black trousers. Please note that these must be full length trousers and that the following are not acceptable: fashion trousers in any colour or fabric, casual trousers, jeans (or any trousers in a jean cut), cords, track suit bottoms, combat trousers, cargo pants, ski pants, jogging pants, leggings, jeggings, shorts, three-quarter length trousers and trousers with metallic decorations or studs.

Only small unobtrusive black belts are acceptable; leather or fashion belts are not allowed.


Plain white shirt or blouse with a collar. The following are not acceptable: Polo shirts or other shirts in any colour, including tee shirts worn under the school shirt.


Navy blue sweatshirt with school logo. Students should NOT wear any other hoodie or sweatshirt. Cardigans and jumpers should NOT be worn. If the student chooses not to wear a sweatshirt then a school tie must be worn.

Shoes and Socks

Plain black, sensible shoes, or plain black trainers. Footwear with piping, coloured rims or logos are NOT acceptable, unless blacked out

Jewellery and Make-up

The wearing of a single ring and one pair of simple ear studs is allowed, although all jewellery must be removed for P.E. No other piercings or items of jewellery may be worn and students will be asked to remove them. Students may be asked to remove excessive make-up.

The only exception to correct uniform is an official non-uniform day.

P.E. kit

school uniformThe following clothing for PE activities will be required:


  • White polo shirt*
  • Navy shorts*
  • Red football socks
  • Red Sweatshirt*
  • Training shoes


  • Navy rugby shirt* and/or Navy T-shirt*
  • Navy shorts*
  • Red football socks
  • Training shoes
  • Football boots

* these items are personalised with the student’s name and need to be ordered from school.


For Food Technology, Resistant Materials and Catering an appropriate apron is needed and can be purchased from school.