Year 1 Multiskills

The multi skill events are a highlight on the sporting calender. It gives a chance for the Year 1/2 pupils at our feeder schools to get a real sporting experience that they will never forget. Each school are invited to bring their own year group down to John Spence for an afternoon of fun, fast, sporting action within a competitive environment.

The pupils will receive training in their lessons, which will give a chance for the pupils to have a go and practice the 21 different stations which will make up the event. These are based on running, jumping, throwing and skill activities. It is a full class event, and classes will be split into three small teams to complete as many different activities as possible within a certain amount of time. The teams scores will be added to the rest of their class and the highest class score will result in that team becoming John Spence Multi-Skill Champions!

Pupils should be eager to work hard and enjoy the event. Pupils are advised to wear appropriate sportswear (ideally school PE kit) and suitable footwear. We hope all schools can make it, cumulating in a mass participation of over 200 pupils!

You can find my lesson guides below, these are for pupils to practice the events which will make up the event (delivered by Mr Pilkington).



Over 200 Year 1 pupils from the John Spence Community High School area participated in a morning of multi skills, fun and exercise, at John Spence Sports Hall on Monday 5th February2018.

The event, organised by Adam Pilkington, School Sports Coordinator and is the first chance for pupils to experience a competitive environment against their neighbouring primary schools. All five feeder schools took part and included Christ Church CofE, Whitehouse, Preston Grange, Spring Gardens and King Edwards.

Mr Pilkington has been working with the teams since January delivering various skill sessions within the pupils PE lessons in their school. After five lessons of training the pupils were well prepared for the competition.

The Multi-skills lessons developed the agility, balance and co-ordination of the pupils in a fun way enabling and improving these basic skills for more specific sports in their later sporting education.

On the day the children took part in 21 fun activities led by John SpenceYr8 pupils. 

To give the event a real boost, pupils worked for three minute, 30 seconds whilst listening to motivating music and pushing themselves against the huge electronic timer. Teams won points for each event and stickers were given out randomly to top performers. At the end of the event, all participating classes received certificated to take back to school.

The event was a huge success with everyone showing exceptional levels of skill and stamina. With a total of 21 teams in the competition, it was Spring Gardens who came out on top, with Spring Gardens again coming second and Preston Grange team ending up third. 


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