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History is, quite simply, the study of mankind.History can show mankind off at its very best through a study of individuals who have changed the world (Oscar Schindler, Martin Luther King, Gandhi), through those occasions where the few have stood against seemingly unstoppable rising tides of evil and said “No more”.

History can also highlight the very worst of mankind through events of such horror and inhumanity that they can barely be believed. It is vital to know that certain terrible events must never be repeated. On a more mundane level, current world events can be understood much better through knowledge of their historical backgrounds; how much better can our students understand the events in Iraq after studying the birth of Islam and the Crusades? Historians learn to probe and question, to never take things at face value, to reason, to argue, to debate; to understand that things are rarely black and white and that situations are always complex.

What topics are taught?

Year 7: Historical skills and Concepts, Medieval Realms (including Islam and the Crusades)

Year 8: Medieval Kings and their Problems, Tudors and Stuarts, Industry and Empire.

Year 9: Empire Revisited, the First World War, the Second World War

GCSE: Modern World, encompassing the Cold War, the USA in the 1920s, the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War.

Activities and visits

The History Department work with the Geography Department to organise a visit to Tynemouth in Year 7. The theme is Medieval Pilgrimages/Modern Holidays.

We also link up with Geography for a Gifted and Talented activity at Marden CLC. Started in 2010, the activity uses the Second World War and the Japanese invasion of Burma as its focus. The students chosen to attend are from across the age range in Key Stage 3. Independent research is a focus and the students access the skills of the CLC staff in presenting their findings in imaginative ways using ICT.

The History staff are:

  • Mrs K Yellowley (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr J Griggs
  • Mr G Scott
  • Mrs C Sharkey