In Year 9 all our students carry out a local area investigation in which they decide upon the best route for a local road race.  They also have the opportunity to attend Dynamic Earth, an interactive learning centre in Edinburgh, to learn more in depth about the natural world and plate tectonics.

  •   Pupils in Key Stage 3 receive 4 x 1 hour lessons per fortnight
  •   Pupils in Key Stage 4 receive 5 x 1 hour lessons per fortnight

GCSE 2017 onwards for Year 10 - All students will follow the AQA syllabus for GCSE Geography.  Students will sit three exam papers, two of which will last 1 hour 30 minutes, each worth 35% of the full GCSE.  The exam content will include

  •   The Challenge of Natural Hazards
  •   The Living World
  •   Physical Landscapes in the UK
  •   Geographical Skills
  •   Urban Issues and Challenges
  •   The Changing Economic World
  •   The Challenge of Resource Management

The final exam will last 1 hour 15 minutes, and is worth 30% of the final GCSE.  This will be based on a pre-release exam booklet, which will be released 12 weeks before the exam.

The Geography staff are:

  • Miss L Hart (Curriculum Leader)
  • Ms L Brown (Head of Year)
  • Miss R Howard
  • Mr A Langley