Drama and Performing Arts

Performing Arts and Drama are taught as a discrete subjects.

All students in year 7 receive an hour of Drama per week and students in years 8 and 9 receive a lesson per fortnight. Students can opt for Performing Arts as a GCSE and we are currently delivering the Drama GCSE for the first time this year.

In Drama and Performing Arts it is our aim to stimulate the imagination of students and foster in them a range of desirable personal qualities that are transferable to other aspects of their lives. We aim to give them opportunities that help them become self confident, cooperative, emotionally aware, strong communicators and enquiring individuals to name but a few. We do this by exposing students to new art forms and different ways of thinking/creating so that they understand, value and support the ‘Arts’ place in society and the world. Furthermore, we provide them with a wide range of material (both literally and media) so that they form an understanding of major cultural influences and the methods to employ engaging performance work. The department ensure that students feel safe in expressing themselves in lessons and other wider curriculum opportunities without feeling judged.

Key Stage 3

In Key stage 3 students develop skills in responding, creating performing and evaluating, which form the basis for their assessments. The students follow a programme of work that amalgamates both theatre/drama skills and issue based/personal experiences. Some of our schemes of work have been written in collaboration with the Music department whom we work very closely with. Some students will receive enhanced skills lessons in conjunction with the standard Key Stage 3 schemes in a bid to challenge them further.

Key stage 3 curriculum overview








Year 7

Darkwood Manor

Drama & Celebration*

The Island




Year 8

Rosa Parks

Wacky Soap

Drama for Protest*


Drama for sport*

Drama for sport*

Year 9

Too Much Punch for Judy

African Storytelling*

Let Him Have it

Film and Theatre*

7 Deadly Sins*

7 Deadly Sins*

Key stage 4 Performing Arts

Students can opt to study AQA GCSE Performing Arts (singular) and we have currently introduced AQA GCSE Drama. Students are taught over 5 periods a fortnight, but it is made clear to students that they ensure 1 hour per week is allocated after school as a group. The schemes of work are individualised each year, depending on the skills and strengths of the particular group. All students receive lessons in singing, dancing and acting, and are given the opportunity to develop their skills in technical roles within the performing arts industry. For their final showcase performance students choose either one performance skill or a combination, with guidance from the staff. The course is assessed as follows:

Unit 1 : Skills development

Portfolio evidence
Controlled Assessment
70 marks – 60%

Unit 2: Showcase performance

Externally set brief - internally marked
60 marks – 40%

Extra Curricular, Trips and Performances

Extra curricular provision is an integral part of our department. We offer a wide range of activities, most of which result in a performance opportunity. In 2013- 2014 the following opportunities are available for students. This will change year by year, again depending on the needs and demands of the students.

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory performance in collaboration with the Music department
  • Shakespeare School festival – Romeo and Juliet performance at Whitley Bay Playhouse
  • Christmas production in collaboration with the Music department
  • National connections Drama festival performance – performance at home venue and Northern Stage, Newcastle
  • Year 10 and 11 GCSE showcase performances
  • KS3 Dance club
  • Summer performance in collaboration with Music department
  • Organisation and deliver of our Teacher ‘Strictly Dancing’ competition
  • Local, and regional theatre visits
  • Workshops and interviews with PA specialists.

The Teaching staff are:

  • Miss J Smith