Managing Medicines Policy

John Spence Community High School will ensure that students with medical conditions receive appropriate care and support at school. All students have an entitlement to a full time curriculum or as much as their medical condition allows.

This policy has been developed in line with the Department for Education’s statutory guidance released in April 2014 updated 11th December 2015  – “Supporting students at school with medical conditions”  under a statutory duty form section 100 of the Students and Families Act 2014. 

The Managing Medicines Policy and associated forms can be accessed below : 

Managing Medicines Policy and Appendix

IHP1 - Individual Healthcare Plan

MED1 - Parental Agreement to Administer Medicine in School

MED2 - Record of Medicines Administered

MED3 - Individual Epilepsy Plan

MED4 - Request for student to carry their own medication